Book – Linux for the rest of us

  • 360 pages
  • 30 chapters
  • beginner-friendly

I am extremely proud that my book “Linux for the rest of us – A starter guide for people who just want to be productive with Linux” is available now. This book helps novice Linux users, doubters, and potential switchers, to understand what Linux is, what choices to make and how, to properly choose the right distribution, where to find Linux distributions, how to create a Linux live USB media, how to make sure you have a secure download to start with, how to install Linux, how to get the system working optimally for different hardware types, how to find and install beautiful applications, and it also offers many more interesting topics that will help you further in your Linux journey. The book will help anyone who is not really interested in the most in-depth technical aspects but wants to use a computer for productive purposes, to understand, set up, and use their new Linux system in an effective way, according to a logical step-by-step approach.

What do you get

My book “Linux for the rest of us” is available now worldwide through Amazon, in Paperback and Kindle eBook format. The book has 360 pages for the actual content of 30 chapters, so excluding information sheets, acknowledgments, table of contents, references, and author information. The Paperback will be printed in 6 by 9 inches / 15.24 by 22.86 cm format, in grayscale print. The eBook version is available in full color for the Kindle app on tablets and phones, and in grayscale on Kindle devices.

An overview of all chapters

  • What is Linux
  • Reasons why you should consider switching to Linux
  • What is a Linux distribution
  • How to choose the best Linux distribution for your need
  • How to choose the desktop environment that best suits your needs
  • The release cycle of a Zorin OS distribution explained
  • The Zorin OS editions explained
  • How to download Zorin OS
  • How to verify your Zorin OS ISO image file
  • How to create a Zorin OS Live USB device in macOS and Windows
  • How to use Zorin OS without installing on a PC or Mac
  • How to install Zorin OS on a PC or Mac
  • Using Zorin OS for the first time
  • Best things to do after installing Zorin OS
  • How to setup and use backups in Zorin OS
  • How to update Zorin OS
  • How to install graphics drivers in Zorin OS
  • How to set up a wireless internet connection in Zorin OS
  • How to set up a printer in Zorin OS
  • How to manage users in Zorin OS
  • How to set up parental control in Zorin OS
  • How to install applications in Zorin OS
  • Simple explanation of the Linux file structure
  • How to manage your files and folders in Zorin OS
  • How to use the visual settings in Zorin OS to make it your own
  • How to Connect your Android phone to Zorin OS with Zorin Connect
  • What are the best applications to start with in Zorin OS
  • What are the best Adobe alternatives for Linux
  • How to install Windows applications in Zorin OS
  • How to integrate Google into your Linux setup

How to get my book

If you are interested in the book or you know someone else who might need a Linux beginner guide, you can find it in the following ways:


Via your local Amazon

  • Paperback format: Search via Amazon search bar for: ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0BHLCJBVW
  • Kindle format: Search via Amazon search bar for: ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0BHKTMYCQ
  • Or just search for John Been Linux for the rest of us